GrainCorp launches on-farm program

GrainCorp launches on-farm program


GrainCorp has launched a new service for farmers with grain in on-farm storage.

GrainCorp operations manager Nigel Lotz says his company's FarmDirect program will benefit growers.

GrainCorp operations manager Nigel Lotz says his company's FarmDirect program will benefit growers.

GRAINCORP has unveiled a new service for growers with grain stored on-farm.

The service, named FarmDirect,  will be unrolled over GrainCorp’s southern zone, and will allow for post harvest delivery from on-farm storages to the GrainCorp system.

GrainCorp general manager of operations Nigel Lotz said growers would be able to deliver grain, with a relatively high tolerance for insects, into the system and then have it managed by GrainCorp.

“Growers are allowed 10 insects per half litre sample,” he said.

Mr Lotz said he expected growers would support the program as it gave them access to a cheaper supply chain and more marketing options.

“There are buyers who buy out the system but not from on-farm storage and growers will also get access to our more efficient supply chain if the grain is going for export,” he said.

He said it was a way of more effectively utilising storage assets, both grower and GrainCorp owned.

“Rather than have everything coming in at harvest we can have some grain coming in when it is less busy, while growers can use their on-farm storage to get the crop off quickly and then get the benefits in terms of grain storage services, of having grain in the system down the track.”

Ross Johns, Victorian Farmers Federation (VFF) grains group president said the idea was sound.

“A lot of grain is stored on-farm and this program gives growers the chance to put it into the system if they have any doubts about their ability to store it well for long periods of time.”

“It also has logistical benefits in terms of spreading the carting program.”

However, he said it would not necessarily attract big tonnages every year.

“This year, with a domestic surplus and a push to export grain it will be good to have grain in the system but other years the domestic market will be the primary focus and many domestic buyers are comfortable buying ex-farm.”

“It is a good initiative and will have its support each year but some years it will be more popular than others.”

Mr Lotz said the grain hygiene solutions would be a key benefit to growers.

“Around now you start to look at the second round fumigation of grain and it gets expensive.”

“Also GrainCorp has access to grain protection products that growers do not.”

“Once the grain is in the system their tonnes are assured, there is no risk of damage or contamination.”

Mr Lotz said he hoped the program would eventually be rolled out across the entire GrainCorp network.

“While this is an initial rollout, we hope to work closely with growers and buyers to enhance this service across the network over the

next few years,” he said.

It will primarily be available for milling quality wheat and feed barley this season and will be available across 12 upcountry GrainCorp sites and the Port of Geelong.

The commodities and grades that will be accepted will be communicated to local growers via email, text and the GrainCorp price discovery app.

The sites for the FarmDirect program will be in NSW: Ardlethan, Barellan, Calleen, Condobolin, Hillston, Junee and Parkes.

In Victoria they will be: Port of Geelong, Berriwillock, Manangatang, Murtoa, Rainbow andYarrawonga.

Mr Lotz encouraged growers thinking of participating to ring their local sites regarding the timing of deliveries.


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