Toogoolawah weaners in demand

Top quality Toogoolawah weaners in demand

ON THE MONEY: A total of 5330 head of predominantly Charolais-cross cattle were offered at Shepherdson and Boyd's annual weaner sale in Toogoolawah.

ON THE MONEY: A total of 5330 head of predominantly Charolais-cross cattle were offered at Shepherdson and Boyd's annual weaner sale in Toogoolawah.


A total of 5330 head of predominantly Charolais-cross cattle were offered at the annual Toogoolwah weaner sale.


TOOGOOLAWAH’s annual weaner sale set new heights for South East Queensland’s specialist producers. The yarding of 5330 head of predominantly Charolais-cross cattle included an amazing 4103 head which had been inspected clear of ticks prior to sale. About 2500 of these went to tick free areas either on sale day or within 24 hours of sale.  

Sale highlights included Dick and Kate Buckham, who sold Charolais-cross Droughtmaster-cross steers to $1200 (average $1133 for 63 head and heifers to $960 to average $926. Nev and Denise Rosser made $1300 for Limousin steer calves. Rivermead sold Charolais/Santa-cross steers $1220. Bruce and Ann McLoughlin’s Charolais/Limousin-cross steers made $1120. Lyndhurst, Crows Nest, sold 287 F2 Charolais-cross steers to $1200 to average $1065 and 235 heifers to $1150 to average $929. 

Neil O’Connor made $1220 for Charolais-cross steers. Grieve Brothers’ 144 Charolais-cross steers sold to $1110 to average $940 and 64 heifers for $833. Tim Richards, Manumbar, made $1190 for Charolais-cross steers. Garth and Toni Reiser sold 82 Charolais-cross steers to $1170 to average $1054. Manumbar Station’s Charolais-cross steers topped $1240 to average $1077. Peter and Brenda McGreevy sold Angus-cross steers six to eight months for $1000. Ashley Schefe sold Charolais-cross steer calves at $1090 and heifers at $870.

Graham and Carmel Lynch’s champion pen of breeder of F1 Brangus heifers sold for $1130 to Paul Clarkson, Delcosta, Linville. The Brangus steers sold for $1110 to well-known Brangus breeder Colin Gnech. Brisbane Valley Protein sold Charolais-cross steer calves for $1120. The Gloag family sold 46 quality Simmental steer calves at $1030 to average $970. 

Eskdale Cattle, with owners Matt and Melissa George, sold 135 Charolais steer calves to $1150 to average $1054. Erin Duncombe presented a top line of 73 Charolais-cross steers to $1200 to average $1091. John Drynan had a quality line of 47 Charolais-cross steers top $1070 to average $1039. 

First time vendors A&E Grazing, Biggenden, sold Charolais-cross steer calves to $1230 for a top average of $1050 for steers and $936 for heifers, with top pen realising $1110.  Delcosta, Linville, had 121 steers sell to $1190 to average $994 and heifers to $910 to average $841. Tom Crowley, Buaraba, sold 40 steers to $1260 to average $1125. Wayne Scholl had Charolais-cross steers top $1160. 

Brendan and Debbie Vaughan, Croftby Downs, sold their draft of 40 Charolais-cross steers for $1110 to average $1100 and $910 for their draft of heifers. Barraclough Partnership had Charolais steer calves top $1000. Jason Atkins, Lynview Cattle Co, had quality weaner steers at $1035. Old Hidden Vale of Grandchester sold 117 Charolais and Droughtmaster-cross steers to $1130 to average $982. John and Cathee Luck, Grandchester, sold 51 steers to $1240 to average $1053. 

Culcraigie, Eidsvold, topped $1000 for Charolais-cross steers to average $921 and $800 for 221 Charolais-cross heifers to average $735. Peter Stanton, Kilcoy, Charolais-cross steer calves at $1190. Tandora Grazing, Maryborough, sold 350 Charolais-cross steer calves to $1170, Limousin-cross steers to $1185 to average $991, and Charolais heifers to $1010 to average $870. Ross and Tracey Tinney sold Charolais-cross steer calves to $1200. 

R&D Wainwright’s Charolais-cross steer calves made $1010. Rob and Jenny Grieve’s 173 Charolais-cross steers topped $1210 to average $1034, with heifers to $970 to average $867. Graham and Peter Scholl sold Charolais-cross steers to $1250 to average $1095. Ian and Di McCauley sold Senepol-cross steers at $1000. Matt and Rebecca Pulsford’s 72 Charolais-cross heifers topped $1110 to average $847.

Karreman Quarries sold Bazadais-cross steers to $1030. David and Marianne Foote’s Charolais-cross steer calves at $1230. Susan Danastas and family from their recently acquired property at Yarraman sold 77 Charolais-cross steers to $1080 to average $996.  Kim Barnes, Colinton, sold Charolais-cross steers at $1100. Brian Bambling sold Charolais-cross steers at $1090.

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