Rain sprouts strong demand

Rain sprouts strong demand


First-cross young ewes made to a sale-high, $288 a head, at the Landmark Casterton annual sheep sale on Friday.


Offering some 8000 store sheep along with 6500 butchers’ mutton, the earlier parts of this post-Christmas market were completed in at times drenching rain while sun shone over the store market segment of the yarding.

The market toppers were a breeder’s line of Border Leicester Merino-cross. November-shorn and Gudair vaccinated the line of 107 was sold by Neil and Rosemary Langley “Nangkita” Gritjurk to Andrew and Kevin Harvey “Inverloch” Strathdownie.

A second yard of Nangkita young ewes, sold at $264 a head, were also secured by the Harvey family while Craig Grant “Tandarra” Pidgeon Ponds sold two December-shorn drafts of BLM young ewes priced at $280 and $274 a head respectively.

Most other pens of well-grown and well presented BLM-cross ewe maidens made $250 to $264 a head while smaller grown and younger one year-olds made $216 to $232.

Greg Bright Landmark said well-bred and well presented sheep sold well throughout the yarding. “We were pleased with the results of our First-cross sales but our Composites were expected to make more” he said.

A sizable selection of Composite-bred young ewes also met with solid inquiry although resultant prices were not a buoyant as was anticipated.

Boonaroo, Merino achieved the Composite top of $242 while Homebush, Heywood sold Composite yards at $240 and $232.

Another multiple vendor, Tandarrra, Pigeons Ponds sold yards at $232 a head and $222 a head while pens of Elmvale Composite ewes made $218 and $220 a head. 

The demand for breeding ewes was also well supported. Carinya sold a yard of 2.5 year-old BLM ewes at $228 while Methanvale cleared Composite 2.5yo at $200.

Pens of Corriedale-blood young ewes made $142 to $162 while sales of breeding ewes, aged 3.5 yo 6.5 year-old made $140 to $184.


Sales of cast for age ewe mutton were fiercely contested by an eager band of processor buyers.

Conducted at times in drenching rain, the sale attracted half a dozen or more local operators, with as many as 10 decks purchased for interstate processing.

Landmark auctioneer, Jeff Olafsen said although prices were corrected from the extremes of a month ago sales, rates were nonetheless more than satisfactory, with rates of 440- 480c/kg common across the yarding.

Most sales of heavy ewes he said made $120 to $140 a head, medium weights $100-$120 while very few light-ewe lots were sold below $80 a head.

Landmark Casterton's Greg Bright said well-bred, well shorn and well presented sheep sold well throughout the 8000-head store yarding.

Landmark Casterton's Greg Bright said well-bred, well shorn and well presented sheep sold well throughout the 8000-head store yarding.

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