Deutz firing on six cylinders

Deutz-Fahr six-cylinder RC-Shift tractor range launched


Deutz-Fahr six-cylinder tractor range launched

GERMAN manufacturer Deutz-Fahr aims to sell over 1000 tractors to Australian farmers in 2018.

The new Deutz-Fahr six-cylinder RC-Shift tractor range was launched to dealers at a conference in Melbourne.

The new Deutz-Fahr six-cylinder RC-Shift tractor range was launched to dealers at a conference in Melbourne.

Launching the Agrotron 6 Series Maxi-Vision RC-Shift tractor at a dealer conference in Melbourne, Deutz-Fahr, general manager Australia, Doug Robinson, said the expanded Agrotron range was designed for the Australian market. 

“This enables us to meet all expectations on specifications with a high end, competitively priced tractor,” he said. 

Power Farming Group (PFG) has been the Australian distributor of Deutz-Fahr machinery for seven years. 

PFG Australia, Deutz-Fahr product manager, Anthony Darveniza said the tractor was one of 12 six-cylinder models, new to Australia.

“The new six-cylinder line-up consists of a 6G Power-Vision series and a 6 Maxi-Vision series,” he said. 

“The Power-Vision is a more simplified version without the bells and whistles.

“While the Maxi-Vision is a higher specification tractor.”

Mr Darveniza said the launch of the Maxi-Vision RC-Shift also celebrated a new transmission offering.

“The RC-shift is a mechanical power-shift gearbox with full automation,” he said.

“It has six power-shift gears and five ranges, all of which are done automatically, matched to load on the tractor and operation speed.

Mr Darveniza said the RC-Shift was very similar to a continuously variable transmission (CVT) but more mechanically minded. 

“This gives you a better price-point for the transmission, so it is better value.”

Mr Darveniza said it would depend on the farmers individual operational needs and preferences which series was more suitable for their requirements. 

“We have a full range of tractors, from mechanical transmission to the high specification RC-Shift as well as our variable,” he said. 

“The new six-cylinder line-up ranges from 105 to 168 kilowatts (141 to 226 horsepower).”

Mr Darveniza said a defining feature of the Agrotron series is an engine which is AdBlue and diesel particulate filter free. 

“We have no emission regulation in Australia for agricultural tractors equipment,” he said.

“The factory has removed all the emission standard technology off the tractors.

“We are not de-specifying the the engine, it is still the latest engine.

“You don’t have to add AdBlue, so you don’t have issues arising from that.

“The tractor also won’t run as hot, as you don’t have a diesel particulate filter.”

Deutz-Fahr, export manager, Matteo Oreni said the tractors were produced in a 42,000 square metre factory in Germany, considered to be the most modern tractor factory in the world.


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