East Loddon Merino to $5750

East Lodden Merinos sold to $5750

Buyer Stewart Warner, Beechworth, flanked by Marcus and Tom Hooke, East Loddon Merinos, Wanganella, with the top priced ram which sold for $5750.

Buyer Stewart Warner, Beechworth, flanked by Marcus and Tom Hooke, East Loddon Merinos, Wanganella, with the top priced ram which sold for $5750.


A near one hundred percent clearance was a feature for Tom and Marcus Hooke, East Loddon Merinos, Wanganella for their first on-property sale.


For their first on-property Merino ram sale, brothers Tom and Marcus Hooke, East Loddon Merinos, Wanganella, penned 60 April-shorn, June 2018 drop rams for a top price of $5750.

The sale realised 56 of 60 rams sold for an overall average price of $1933.

First time buyer at East Loddon, Stewart Warner, Beechworth, bought the top priced ram, which he said would be used in an AI program along with being naturally mated.

Mr Warner was attracted to the son of Richmond 160110 for his great figures supported by a good conformation.

"I liked his growth rate, muscle and fat with clean fleece weight," he said.

"They are the priority in my breeding program."

However, Mr Warner said the wool also needed to be right to handle his 700 millimetre plus annual rainfall.

The ram had the figures of 10.8 yearling weight, 0.9 yearling fat, 1.5 yearling eye muscle depth and 12.1 yearling staple length.

His fleece had the measurement of 21.8 micron, 13.8 coefficient of variation and 99.2 per cent comfort factor.

Mr Warner joins 1500 Merino ewes and with a lambing in September/October, he marks about 110 per cent to ewes joined.

He sells his shorn wethers before they are 12 months old and has not mulesed his sheep since 2007.

Other good sales included one at $5250 bought by Hynam Ag Pty Ltd, Longwood, Victoria, one at $5000 bought by Mark Kerin, Yeoval, and one at $5000 bought by R.F and W.J Allen, Byawatha, Vic.

D and K Schilg Partnership, Brocklesby added to their sire battery with four rams to top of $4500 and average price $3437.

Their top priced ram, a son of Richmond 160110 had the figures of 11.3 YWT, 0.7 YFAT, 2.1 YEMD, 2.0 YCFW and 12.8 YSL with a fleece which measured 19.4 micron with 99.7pc comfort factor.

Return buyers Ian and Stacey Lugsdin, Hay, purchased six rams to top of $4000 with overall average of $1792.

For their country north of Hay, Mrs Lugsdin said they were looking for future sires with fat and eye muscle depth.

"They are very important traits if we are going to run ewes which will give us a good lambing through tough seasons," she said.

Their flock already had good yearling weight and staple length, but she said they still pay attention to those productive characteristics.

"We like to get staple length with our aim of shearing twice a year," she said.

At present they are shearing each eight months.

A significant purchase made over the phone was the $3500 paid by the Barooga Stud, Williams, Western Australia, for a son of Richmond 160110.

His measurements of 12.7 YWT, 1.0 YFAT, 2.7 YEMD. 21 YCFW and 8.9 YSL complimented a fleece with 21.3 microns and 98pc comfort factor.

Another sale at $3500 was made when J.S Barnes and Company, Finley, purchased their choice of the draft.

The son of Karbullah 155076 had the impressive figures of 5.4 YWT, 0.4 YFAT, 0.4 YEMD, 18 YCFW and 9.4 YSL and carrying a fleece measuring 17.5 micron and 99.6pc comfort factor.

After the sale, Marcus Hooke said he and Tom were "very pleased with result".

"We had a lot of repeat clients and they were supported by many new faces," he said. "The sheep have done very well coming through a tough season."

The sale was settled by Landmark studstock with auctioneer Peter Godbolt sharing gavel duties with Nick Gray, Elders, Jerilderie.

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