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Moneymaker: Y3K Billionaire 9002 (PP), described by Steve Turner as a "once-in-a-lifetime sort of fella", will be the lead poll sire for Gipsy Plains Brahmans. Picture: Kent Ward

Moneymaker: Y3K Billionaire 9002 (PP), described by Steve Turner as a "once-in-a-lifetime sort of fella", will be the lead poll sire for Gipsy Plains Brahmans. Picture: Kent Ward


Steve and Sharon Turner, Y3K Brahmans, have sold Y3K Billionaire 9002 (PP) in a private sale worth $90,000.


If his name is anything to go by, then Y3K Billionaire 9002 (PP) is certainly a moneymaker.

The 19-month-old red Brahman bull has recently been purchased by the Curley family, Gipsy Plains Brahmans, Cloncurry, from Steve and Sharon Turner, Y3K Brahmans, Woolooga, in a private sale worth $90,000.

Clayton Curley said Billionaire would become the lead poll sire in their stud and they will offer semen for sale in the future.

"Bulls like him, they don't come along every day. He's probably as good as we've seen in a long time," Mr Curley said.

Originally meant to be Y3K's team leader for the Brahman Week sale, Mr Turner said Billionaire is a bull that he couldn't fault.

"He wasn't an outstanding calf, he was just a good calf. The older he got, the more excited I got about him," Mr Turner said.

"He just turned into this incredible bull and I think he will continue to get better."

Sired by Fairy Springs Jed 4558 (PS), Mr Turner said Billionaire was a special animal.

"I've been breeding cattle for near on 50 years and I've never looked at a bull and gone 'I can't pick something that I'd really like to change about him'," he said.

"He's got temperament to boot and everything I've tried to do in my breeding program is there.

"He should put incredible udders on his females, heaps of loose skin that he should really pass on, he's very neat in the underline, and heaps of bone for a double P bull."

Purchasing Jed as a 22-month-old at Brahman Week several years ago, Mr Turner said the sire had turned out to be what he would call a "freak".

"He is the neatest underline Brahman bull I've ever seen. To throw animals with the underlines like Billionaire and his brothers and sisters have, but not lose the looseness of the skin."

Mr Turner said the genetic strength in the female line which Billionaire came from was also "ridiculous".

"I've got an exceptional calf again out of his grandmother that people will see in the near future.

"He's a pink-nosed poll bull and he's probably the best one of them I've ever seen too - he's an absolute cracker."

Despite his confidence in Billionaire, Mr Turner said he was humbled and blown away to get that much money privately.

"At the end of the day, the most satisfying thing is going to a sale and seeing your bull as the sire of something that's going really well.

"Seeing him go out there and succeeding, that's the greatest accolade I think."

The Turners have retained 50 semen straws out of Billionaire.

"I was never going to part with him without keeping a little bit of semen in him because he's a once-in-a-lifetime sort of fella," Mr Turner said.

The story Billionaire the moneymaker first appeared on Queensland Country Life.


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