AgriDigital launches new product globally

AgriDigital launches new product globally

US farmers Mike (left) and Ryan Sullivan have waxed lyrical about AgriDigital's Waypath product.

US farmers Mike (left) and Ryan Sullivan have waxed lyrical about AgriDigital's Waypath product.


Aussie ag-tech business AgriDigital has launched its Waypath app to help farmers manage their grain storage records in real time.


AUSTRALIAN ag-tech business AgriDigital continues to go from strength to strength, launching a new product to help those in the grains industry manage their supply chains.

Waypath is a tool designed for farmers to manage data such as contracts, deliveries, storage, payments and invoices all from within the one app.

AgriDigital already has a strong footprint in the grains industry in both Australia and North America through its blockchain-based trading platform, used by grain traders and bulk handling facilities, with over 18 million tonnes of grain, valued at nearly $3 billion traded over its system.

Waypath, available across multiple devices, has been designed with farmers in mind, with AgriDigital officials saying they understood the need for flexibility and to be able to use the system not just in the office but also in the paddock.

"With Waypath we can now help farmers digitize and optimize their farming operations and importantly directly connect their farms and grain into the supply chain," AgriDigital chief executive Emma Weston said.

Ms Weston said Waypath would play a key role in creating more traceable on-farm supply chains, increasingly important in a market where customers continue to highlight traceability as one of their major requirements.

"Waypath enables farmers to track and trace every load of grain from the field right through to payment in one app," she said.

The app features a number of industry-firsts according to Ms Weston.

Farmers can manage and value their grain inventory in real time, optimize stored grain through segregations, easily report on quality stack averages, and manage multiple ownership of grain, meaning they can even utilise excess storage space on their farm to store grain on behalf of other farmers.

And the product has won fans internationally.

"In late 2019 we expanded into the United States and Canada and had a number of early adopters come on board to Waypath."

One of those customers was Mike Sullivan, from Sullivan Family Ag in the US state of Arkansas.

The Sullivan family crop over nearly 8000ha in Arkansas, along with running a large on-farm grain storage facility.

Mr Sullivan said having real time information was a benefit to his farm business.

"We can no longer afford to wait until next harvest to change the way we do things if we want to stay ahead of the curve," Mr Sullivan said.

He said having a 'one stop shop' for all administration was a brilliant concept, especially at hectic periods of the year like harvest.

"Harvest is always such a busy time of year with trucks coming and going and paperwork flying around the place," he said

"However with Waypath we noticed a difference straight away, there's no need for pen and paper.

"The load weight and quality information is collected automatically and that's a whole heap of time saved, right there."


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