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Operation renovation: 5 simple DIYs to revitalise your home

Operation renovation: 5 simple DIYs to revitalise your home
Operation renovation: 5 simple DIYs to revitalise your home

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Is your home looking a little tired? Things just not shining like they used to and fancy new furniture not achieving the desired results?

Perhaps it's time for a little home renovation. Fear not, this doesn't mean cracking out multiple power drills and banging down walls.

Sometimes it simply means unscrewing a few handles around the home or covering a room in a fresh splash of paint. So if you're looking for the tried and true tips to give your space a little makeover, read on.

Start with some more storage

You can never have too much storage. The absence of shelving can lead to a cluttered home, and this is one way to make certain your space feels tired and drab.

The simplest task of installing a couple of new shelving units around your home can make a world of difference, suddenly there are more places to store your items and this will lead to a more open and accessible space.

Just be sure to invest in some good dust extractors, this will make certain you're not finding harmful sawdust in your cereal six months later, because whilst more storage is ideal, dirt and dust are not.

Invite guests in with an inviting door

Whenever we think of home renovations, our minds usually drift to what we can change within the house. However, there is one quick and easy project that is sure to refresh your home's look and feel that technically resides outside of your house, your front door.

It's the first thing guests see when they walk up to your front step and it's a place that would see the most wear and tear. From small children banging up against it, scratches from groceries or accidental key jabs, whatever has caused the slow deterioration doesn't matter, what matters is the choice of paint you're opting for.

For most household items it's recommended that you go for a neutral hue, something timeless and classic. Yet, when it comes to your front door, we'd recommend almost the very opposite.

Try a shade of bold red, or a chic navy; something that reflects your personality and adds a point of difference to the rest of the houses on your block. Colour excites the mind and it's a simple DIY trick that's going to make your space feel all brand new.

Bring colour to your space

The perfect DIY project to revive your home is a new splash of colour.

Whilst white walls are the best blank canvas to opt for initially, this doesn't mean your home must be devoid of fun. Take pleasure in hunting for the perfect prints to strategically place around your space, maybe you're going for a tropical vibe with shades of sunny yellow and beachside blue.

Or perhaps you're channelling your inner feminine side by swapping in shades of hot pink, watermelon and salmon. But, the fun doesn't need to stop at print shopping, upgrade elements of your house with a fresh new feature wall.

This way you're getting the best of both worlds, a largely clean-looking space filled with bright white surfaces, yet the occasional splash of something special to liven up your interior environment. Painting a singular wall doesn't require the help of a handyman, this is completely doable by one person and you'll find the payoff will be extraordinary.

The devil's in the details

Sometimes it can be hard to put your finger on why exactly your space is looking a little lacklustre.

Your furniture is fine and the paint is still perfect, so why exactly is everything looking a little outdated?

This usually comes down to all the little finishes around your house.

Be it rusting bathroom faucets or drab door handles, it's time to update and spice up your living area. Switch to finishes that reflect your home's personality. It's great to stick to classics generally when it comes to paint hues and furniture but when it comes to the smaller stuff, you can go a little wilder.

Try a brushed brass door handle to give your home a chic modern feel, or perhaps a matte black option to draw a little more attention. When looking for the ideal water faucet, aim for something that won't rust easily like a classic stainless steel.

Play around with shapes and proportions to bring some fun to your space and remember, and once you've installed them, feel proud of the fact that you have a stylish space that you've created yourself.

Let there be light

Lead the way to an enviable space with some fresh light to very literally brighten up your interior.

Good lighting can really change the feel of a space and is possibly the easiest trick in the book to breathe new life inside. There are a few different routes you can take when it comes to adding light. The first and most simple DIY is switching out light globes.

This may seem pointless, or a little too good to be true, but switching from old, fading yellow light to a fresh, bright white can completely transform a room. The simple and cheap trick of changing globes will have your friends and family musing about what's different inside your house.

Alternatively, if you want to be a little more extravagant; invest in some hanging lights that won't clutter your rooms but will add new vibrancy. Go the rustic route with some vintage looking fairy lights, or maybe more modern with a minimalist chandelier.

Your home will be feeling completely different at the flick of a switch.

Whether you add a fresh splash of paint or take the route of some extravagant new lighting, adding a few new touches to the space you live in will thoroughly refresh and revive an ageing interior style.

And, with these simple tips, you'll be cutting costs too as they're all easily done solo, or perhaps with the help of one handy friend.