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Pool landscaping ideas: Creating a lush paradise around your pool

As well as natural cover like palm trees to create a tropical oasis, incorporate resort style umbrellas for extra shade. Picture supplied
As well as natural cover like palm trees to create a tropical oasis, incorporate resort style umbrellas for extra shade. Picture supplied

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Having a pool at your home is an investment that provides rest and recreation. But what makes it more inviting is incorporating it with some gorgeous landscaping. It doesn't have to be sophisticated - it just needs to be decorated with a few artistic elements. This article will look at some ideas to rejuvenate your area to create a lush paradise.

Tropical oasis vibes

Putting the right set of plants and ornaments could easily transform your pool into a stunning haven. But the key to having a thriving landscape is to choose those that are low-maintenance and thrive no matter the climate.

Adding tropical plants creates an inviting vibe to your pool. More than that, these can function as a form of shade and privacy for people. One plant that could set the tone for a tropical oasis is palm trees. Their lanky feet and graceful trunks create a relaxing atmosphere like that of a beach.

To supplement this natural cover, you can also incorporate shade sails or structures. Check out suppliers like Brisbane Giant Umbrellas or similar companies in your locale to get this great addition to the whole setup.

At the same time, you can fill the pool landscape with shrubs and flowers to add colours and amplify the ambience of your area.

Rocky waterfall features

Fountains, waterfalls, and natural pools are also great ways to create a tranquil environment.

A fountain is a sure-fire way of cultivating a sense of elegance while a waterfall can be a glamorous element that creates a soothing sound as it cascades into the pool. A natural pool, on the other hand, allows for an organic vibe. All of these would play a huge role in adding value to your pool while enhancing peace from the wear and tear of daily life.

What's more, you can add some natural or artificial boulders around the pool's edge and let some water flow through it.

Lighting and decor

Proper lighting highlights the aesthetic of your pool during the night and makes it suitable for evening gatherings. Explore utilising underwater lights to mesmerise people when they swim. Also, place LED lights in pathways, trees, and other fixtures to make your paradise light up in the dark. You can do this on your own or have a professional install lighting around your property.

In addition to the right lighting fixtures, pottery, statues, and art pieces can be great decor for your pool landscaping.

Modern Zen

Materials like wood, concrete, or stone can make for a minimalist look. Bamboo fences and furniture are also gorgeous, not to mention sustainable, options you may consider for your pool landscaping. To add, incorporate lounging areas where people can chill and enjoy the view they have.

Remember, your design can be outstanding without feeling overwhelming through having a neat pool deck and turf.

Dense vegetation

Privacy is important when it comes to unwinding in your pool. A dense and strategically placed vegetation can be a shield to outsiders passing by the street. Broadleaf evergreens and ferns are the usual options in providing secluded surrounding. You can also count on fast-growing hedges if you want to build a 'green screen' pretty quickly.

Begin your customisation in the spot you'd like to block from view. This could be a street or a nearby home.

Outdoor kitchen

Being able to prepare food and drinks in your landscape design would significantly attract your friends and family for rest and recreation. Invest in a cost-efficient kitchen area with basic appliances like a griller, sink, and refrigerator. This area should be spacious enough to prepare food. Also, use durable materials for the countertop, like quartz or granite, to ensure quality.

Place this outdoor kitchen in a space that would encourage interaction, along with adequate lighting and comfortable seats. You can also incorporate a cabana and pergola to provide protection from sun or rain. This creates the perfect outdoor hangout space suitable for any occasion or gathering.

Maintenance and upkeep

Regular maintenance in your pool landscape is important day in and day out. Keep your pool in tip-top condition so it'll always look good. Additionally, prune and trim your ornament regularly. From selecting the right materials to incorporating features, always consider how you're going to maintain the different elements.


Picture yourself resting by a pool after a long day, surrounded by prestige water fixtures, well-planted greenery, and detailed design features. You can achieve these by adopting the pool landscaping ideas above. Whether you're aiming for a classy and elegant look or want to go with a tropical vibe, the sky is the limit when it comes to creating your own paradise. Just keep in mind how much time you have and how much you can spend personalising your space. This is an opportunity to invest in yourself and your property as you aim for a calm and relaxing pool.