It’s a wrap for round bales

Internal wrapping system for Claas round balers

Claas Rollant 400 Uniwrap baler

Claas Rollant 400 Uniwrap baler


Claas release new internal wrapping system


TIME and money can be saved with a new internal wrapping system according to Claas.

The new Rollant 400 Uniwrap balers will allow round bales to be wrapped with film rather then netting inside the chamber. 

Luke Wheeler product manager Claas harvest centre, said that the new process allows for 1.2 metre wide x 1.25 – 1.35 m diameter round bales and would slash processing time and film costs.

Mr Wheeler said the process was not dissimilar to net wrapping in the chamber.

Claas Rollant 400 Uniwrap system

Claas Rollant 400 Uniwrap system

“Once the bale has reached the desired size inside the chamber, it is automatically wrapped in up to eight layers of film, which overlaps the edge of the bale by up to 10 cm.

“This overlap means it is no longer necessary to apply six layers of film on the wrapping table, which will significantly reduce the amount of film required to produce an airtight seal,” he said. 

The process would result in higher quality silage due to reduced oxygen trapped in the bale, he claimed. 

Time saving is also achieved by not having to separate the netting and film on opening. 

According to Mr Wheeler the number of layers applied in the chamber and the extent of film stretching can be adjusted ‘on the go’ from the tractor cab depending on storage requirements.

Mr Wheeler said that the change from net to film would only take a few minutes with the new roll ramp.  

“Mounted at the side of the machine, this foldable ramp allows the film rolls – which weigh up to 50 kg each – to be easily loaded into the wrapper,” he said.

“The driver simply has to load the required wrapping material in the baler and change the setting on the cab terminal.

“The feed and start of the wrapping process takes place completely automatically,” said Mr Wheeler.

Claas Coatex film with a thickness of 17 microns and a width of 1.4 metre is recommended by Mr Wheeler for use with the balers.


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