A fresh look at the rotary slasher

Silvan take on the medium duty rotary slasher

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Silvan Australia have released a redesigned medium duty rotary slasher

Silvan Australia have released a redesigned medium duty rotary slasher


Silvan take on the medium duty rotary slasher


ROTARY slashers rely on a simple design that has not undergone major modification since conception. 

One company believes this has resulted in a progressive decline in slasher quality, resulting in high failure rates due to wear and tear. 

To combat this, Silvan Australia took a fresh look at slasher design to eliminate traditional faults in design and manufacture. 

This resulted in the recent release of the Silvan medium duty slasher range.

Available in two models with working widths of 1.47 and 1.77 metres the slashers can sit behind tractors with up to 50 kilowatts (75 horsepower) of power and category I or II three-point linkage.

A key design feature of the slasher is a unique shape of the 5 mm thick hot dip galvanised steel deck. 

A  Silvan spokesperson said the clean angled design prevents moisture or slashed material accumulating on the surface of the machine. 

This in turn reduced the risk of rust and deterioration. 

“The gearbox and power take off shaft driveline is a high quality BareCo unit and is supplied with fully compliant guarding of the moving parts and has a two-year warranty,” they said. 

“There is also a 250 millimetre two plate friction clutch that gives further mechanical protection if an immovable object is struck.”

“The hitch for attachment to the tractor linkage points also readily folds down.”

The gear box also features a three leaf rotor bar fitted with hardened bushes to which two Boron steel twist lift blades are fixed.

Silvan said this ensures a long working life for the principal cutting component of the unit.

As with other slashers in the pricing segment, the working height is adjustable and front and rear deck chain guards are supplied with the machine.

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