Row crop planters are going dual purpose

Great Western Manufacturing planters

Disco tech: The Excel NR100 NR 100 Parallelogram Double Disc Row Unit

Disco tech: The Excel NR100 NR 100 Parallelogram Double Disc Row Unit


Great Western Manufacturing planters


Dual purpose summer planters, capable of winter configurations are gaining in popularity in some areas.

Great Western Manufacturing sales and marketing manager Stewart Kings said the company had a range of row planters across its brands but focused on continual improvement.

"We have a twin disc opener, in the Excel range we have the SP200 which is up to mark five," he said.

"It's about keeping your disc to the right degree, so we are making the opening, and closing it as quickly and cleanly as possible.

"Our row unit is robust, as we have followed the broadacre summer planting market, which means we have a heavier row unit, it's 180 kilograms in weight.

"The pins and bushes are Australian made, we have no greased nipples, so the customer gets longevity out of it so they aren't needing to do maintenance on it yearly unless they are doing the acres.

"We do have customers planting up to 45,000 acres a year planting winter and summer crops with the same row unit."

Mr Kings said there was a lot of flexibility in today's planters, depending on how you "dressed them up".

"We've got a bar that will allow the customer to do a winter plant with a set combination. They can then go and change the layout to a summer configuration and pull the same machine through the field with less units in the ground," he said.

"They have invested in a larger machine but they can use it for all their jobs.

"It can have a metering unit placed on it, and a simple vacuum system placed on a ground drive wheel driving a chain through a shaft.

"Then you can go right through to the precision technology available today, where you can manage it from the cab, things like seed singulation, cameras, speed tubes and down force."

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