Claas release auto turn system

Heads up on auto turn system


Claas has released an automatic guidance system allowing fast, easy and accurate turning at headlands.


Claas has released an automatic guidance system that allows fast, easy and accurate turning at headlands.

Claas Harvest Centre product manager – Precision Farming, Travis Ryan-Salter, said Turn In automatically identified the next track and guided machinery during the turn.

“Without fixed reference points, it is often difficult to line up with the next track at headlands,” he explained.

“Starting at an angle of 90 degrees to the track, Turn In identifies the optimum path to follow based on the machine’s speed, steering lock and alignment.

“The system then guides the machine onto the next track automatically using a pre-defined path to achieve the desired turn.

“The driver can override the system at any time,” Mr Ryan-Salter said.

“The system will identify a new track and path as soon as the driver changes speed, steering lock or other factors.”

Turn In can be fitted to all Claas steering systems that use the S7 or S10 terminal.

“These include Lexion harvesters, Jaguar forage harvesters, Xerion, Axion and Arion tractors,” Mr Ryan-Salter said.

“Existing steering systems can be retrofitted by means of an activation code.”


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