Appeal universal in digger range

Kobelco offers universal appeal

Universal Group swear by the Kobelco excavator range.

Universal Group swear by the Kobelco excavator range.


Universal group grows its Kobelco excavator fleet


Universal Group managing director, Andrew Sirianni understands the importance of partnering with a reliable supplier; so his fleet of Kobelco excavators has grown with time.

Universal began purchasing Kobelco excavators in 2000.

"We kept coming back to Kobelco," Mr Sirianni said.

"The reliability and functionality was making them stand above the rest for us time after time."

"Kobelco excavators have over 85 years of experience and expertise behind them," Kobelco's general manager of sales, Doug McQuinn said.

"The performance speaks for itself – there's less downtime for servicing because they are well designed and constructed."

The recently released Kobelco SK Series – Generation 10 has amplified those benefits once again.

"With the new Kobelco Gen 10s you're looking at even more efficiency - all of the standard servicing, aside from checking engine oil, can now be achieved from the ground level," Mr McQuinn said.


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