Smart and pretty wins tractor award

Agco brand Valtra wins tractor of the year with the T254 Versu at Agritechnica

The Valtra T254 Versu won Tractor of the Year and Best Design 2018 at Agritechnica, Germany

The Valtra T254 Versu won Tractor of the Year and Best Design 2018 at Agritechnica, Germany


Agco brand Valtra wins tractor of the year at Agritechnica


AGCO brand Valtra has taken home one of the most prestigious awards in the industry, Tractor of the Year 2018.

Proving you can be smart, sucessful and pretty, the Valtra T254 Versu also won Best Design 2018. 

Awarded at Agritechnica the selection was made by 23 journalists from European agricultural magazines. 

Tractor of the Year recognises innovation, technology and performance, while Best Design recognises the attractiveness of the tractor.


The selection committee said the SmartTouch user interface was a standout feature of the T254 Versu.

“Valtra sets a new standard in intuitive operation, the tractor in general offers high level of comfort, performance, efficiency and versatility,” they said.

Valtra SmartTouch

“The SmartTouch armrest with the 9 inch touch screen, the intelligent multiuse drive lever and the new hydraulic joystick give the best and most straightforward user interface in the industry.”

The committee said this allowed the driver to control almost any setting in the tractor, including the engine, transmission, hydraulics, guidance and telemetry. 

“As a matter of fact, it´s a new way of working with tractor terminal,” they said.

Agco said the SmartTouch interface was designed and engineered in Finland.

“The new armrest increases the productivity of any tractor and implement combination and lightens the workload for the driver,” it said.

Valtra SmartTouch

Valtra SmartTouch

“Separate profiles can be set for each individual driver and task, and configurations can be made in seconds using the touchscreen.”

Agco said the terminial was designed to be easier to use and more intuitive than a smart phone.

“All the functions on the terminal can be accessed with a maximum of two swipes or taps, and the design makes it impossible to get lost in the menu,” it said.  

Pretty and smart

“The T254 represents a very cool looking, modern and elegant tractor,” said the selection committee on awarding Best Design.

Valtra product manager, Paul Morris said he was proud of the new model, expected to arrive in Australia early next year. 

“We’re proud to have received this award and have the T254 model recognised for its impressive design and features which we feel will be a real benefit to local farmers,” he said. 

The Valtra T254 Versu won Tractor of the Year and Best Design 2018 at Agritechnica, Germany

The Valtra T254 Versu won Tractor of the Year and Best Design 2018 at Agritechnica, Germany

Valtra marketing director, Mikko Lehikoinen said the award was a continuation of the accolades the fourth generation models had received since their launch in 2014. 

“This demonstrates our continuous development work at Valtra,” he said. 

“Focusing on reliability, ease of use and intuitive solutions so that farmers can enjoy working with Valtra products and get the maximum benefit from the rapidly developing technology.”

Working machine

In a media release, Agco said the T254 Versu was a true arable working machine that integrated precision farming tools seamlessly. 

While the 200 kilowatt (271 horsepower) tractor has a powershift transmission, Agco said the SmartTouch made it possible to drive it like a continuous variable transmission (CVT).

“The speed can be increased by pushing the hand-operated drive lever and decreased by pulling it, keeping acceleration in full control at all times,” it said. 

“There is no switch to change between lever and pedal mode, as they work in prefect sync all the time.

“Valtra’s Versu models are the only powershift tractors in the world that enable full operation using only the drive lever.”

Agco said the five step powershift transmission has four main and two creeper ranges totalling 30 speeds in both directions. 

Finalists for the Tractor of the Year 2018

  • Valtra T254 Versu – Winner
  • Case IH Quadtrac 540 CVX
  • Claas Arion 660
  • John Deere 6250 R
  • New Holland T 6.175 DC

Finalists for the Best Utility

  • McCormick X6.440 Vt-Drive – Winner
  • New Holland T 4.75 S
  • Valtra A 114
  • John Deere 5125 R
  • Massey Ferguson 5709 Dyna 4

Finalists for Best Specialised

  • Fendt 211 Vario V – Winner
  • Massey Ferguson 3710 S
  • Kubota M 5101 N
  • Claas Nexos 240 VE
  • Aebi TT 281

Previous Tractor of the Year awardees:

  • 2017 Case IH Optum 300 CVX
  • 2016 Fendt 1050 Vario 
  • 2015 Case IH Magnum CVX 380 
  • 2014 Claas Axion 850 
  • 2013 Deutz-Fahr Agrotron 7250 TTV 
  • 2012 John Deere 7280 R 
  • 2011 Fendt 828 Vario
  • 2010 New Holland T 7070 Autocommand

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