Gallagher on board for virtual fence future

Gallagher support eShepherd at virtual fencing launch

PRODUCT LAUNCH: The Honourable Tim Fischer AC launched the eSheppard at Beef 2018.

PRODUCT LAUNCH: The Honourable Tim Fischer AC launched the eSheppard at Beef 2018.


Gallagher support eShepherd at virtual fencing launch


A PROVEN recipe for the successful commercialisation of novel technologies is a partnership between researchers, start-ups and an established business.

In the case of eShepherd, the CSIRO, Agersens and fencing company Gallagher have all played a part in getting the virtual fencing system to market. 

Gallagher, global marketing manager, Mark Harris described Gallagher’s relationship as that of an investor and technology partner.

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"We could see that Ian Reilly of Agersens could get this up and going, he has strong credentials, so we came on as a founding investor,” he said.

Mr Harris said Gallagher, as a fencing company, did not see a conflict with the ‘virtualisation’ of fencing.

“We believe in pasture farming and want to contribute to the future,” he said. 

“We saw this technology to be quite relevant to the big end of town.

“Where you have a lot of land and fairly low stocking rates.

“We thought this was potentially an awesome solution to allow grazing management on a big scale.

“Which is pretty tricky to do with fencing.”

Mr Harris said it was great to see such a big crowd turn out for the launch.  

“Agersens have been working hard to develop a practical virtual fencing solution,” he said.

“It is great to see they have the confidence now to launch it at a global event.”

Agersens, chief executive officer, Ian Reilly said the eShepherd is a GPS-enabled, solar-powered smart collar.

Which contains a CSIRO training program to train the animal to stay within the virtual boundary when they hear an audio cue. 

“The audio cue is followed by a small electric pulse if the animal continues in the wrong direction,” he said. 

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