NFF and agribusiness target $100b ag production agenda

NFF and agribusiness lobby target $100b ag production agenda


National Farmers Federation teams with agribusiness peak group in farm productivity drive.


Two peak agriculture representative bodies have committed to work together to drive a $36 billion lift in Australia’s farm gate production value to $100 billion.

The National Farmers’ Federation (NFF), representing Australia’s 84,000 farmers, and Agribusiness Australia, representing individuals and corporations across the agri-food chain, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding in Canberra which aims to achieve the target by 2030 – less than 12 years away.

NFF president, Fiona Simson, said the collaboration aimed to strengthen agriculture’s advocacy efforts to grow Australia's farm gate value about 57 per cent from its $63 billion value in 2016-2017.

The value of Australian farm production actually fell to just under $60b last financial year as dry seasonal conditions eroded big gains made in the cropping sector the previous year.

“The on-farm and corporate aspects of agriculture have a mutual interest in many of the policy areas that are a priority to the NFF,” Ms Simson said.

“Issues like tax and regulatory reform; energy policy; infrastructure and trade and market access.

“By working together with Australia’s preeminent agribusiness advocacy group, we will present a powerful, united front to the halls of Canberra and ultimately accelerate agriculture to realise its potential."

A closer working relationship and a more in-depth understanding of each others' perspectives, can only be positive - Mark Allison, Agribusiness Australia chairman

Agribusiness Australia chairman, Mark Allison, said the NFF had a long and successful history of being the voice of Australian farmers and Agribusiness Australia looked forward to working with the peak farmer body to deliver an improved , more efficient and successful agri-industry.  

“Farmers and agribusinesses are co-dependents in the agriculture supply chain, and a closer working relationship and a more in-depth understanding of each others' perspectives, can only be positive," said Mr Allison, also the managing director of Elders.

“Ultimately, today’s partnership is all about a more productive and profitable agricultural sector, where farmers, agribusinesses and the community benefit.”

The NFF and Agribusiness Australia are expected to use their joint commitment to foster a closer understanding of each other’s activities and develop shared alliances when specific farm sector issues may require it.

NFF has room in its membership model for corporate members, and boasts a small number of corporates on its books, including Australia’s biggest listed agribusiness, GrainCorp.

Agribusiness Australia has no membership links with the NFF or vice versa.

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