Ag education summit looks to the future

AgKnowledge the Future Summit to launch at Brisbane GFIA in Focus 2018

AG KNOWLEDGE: Jame Walker uses Agri Hive to better manage data on his farm.

AG KNOWLEDGE: Jame Walker uses Agri Hive to better manage data on his farm.


AgKowledge the Future Summit to launch at Brisbane GFIA in Focus 2018


Agricultural education, research, innovation and career development will be on show at a global innovation conference.

Designed to support the Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture event, being held in Brisbane on the 27th and 28th November 2018, the inaugural AgKnowledge the Future Summit will occur on the first day of the event. 

Event organisers said AgKnowledge aims to bring hundreds of students and agriculture industry related educators and industry representatives together to participate in an environment where they can come together to learn, observe and collaborate. 

The summit will include three scheduled sessions held across the day, along with on-site opportunities for students to engage with organisations about educational offerings and career opportunities.

GFIA In Focus, sales director, David Stradling said he believes showcasing the latest agri-tech innovations and research outcomes to inspire our best and brightest students is critical to the overall objectives of the main GFIA in Focus event.

Mr Stradling said by facilitating industry and education sector collaboration and promoting a startup culture mentality, we are ensuring that the industry will be in capable hands moving forward.

“It is the next generation of leaders in smart and precision farming, agribusiness and sustainable food production who are going to shoulder the responsibility for achieving the nations goal of making agriculture a $100 billion industry by 2030,” he said.

“So it is only fitting that we engage with them now and get us all moving in the right direction.”

Mr Stradling said the AgKnowledge The Future Summit will incorporate a trade show area structured to meet the needs of partner organisations and startup companies in the agri-tech sector seeking capital investment and marketing, business development and mentoring.

Mr Stradling said exhibitors included Actrua, an innovative leadership and change management program facilitation company operating in the agribusiness sector, VidVersity, a cutting edge video e-learning technology company that is developing new training delivery technologies for the agricultural sector and Agrihive, an agribusiness and ‘smart farm’ financial management platform that uses a data based business analysis tool to assist with decision making.

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