Sky Muster offers business plans

NBN Co announce satellite business service

ON THE JOB: NBN Co. have launched a business satellite service aimed at regional and remote Australia. Photo: NBN Co.

ON THE JOB: NBN Co. have launched a business satellite service aimed at regional and remote Australia. Photo: NBN Co.


NBN Co have announced a satellite product for business


Regional and remote businesses will now have access to a satellite based internet service designed specifically to suit business and enterprise needs.

Leveraging off the existing Sky Muster satellites, the business plans were launched at an event held at the Cobb and Co Museum in Toowoomba.

Minister for Communications Paul Fletcher said the business plans were being rolled out immediately, with a number of providers coming on board from day one.

"It will support businesses, particularly medium to large businesses, that need high speed connectivity in remote and regional locations across Australia," he said.

"It is about leveraging the capabilities of the satellite network, and ensuring we are best deploying the technical capability of NBN to meet customer needs."

Mr Fletcher said the new service had a number of features designed for business, including service level agreements and increased upload speeds along with a change in the eligibility requirements which will suit remote locations such as mines and farms.

"The business grade product can be delivered in locations where there are no specified street address, that has been a requirement for the Sky Muster residential service." he said.

NBN Co. also announced a restructure of its business with executive Gavin Williams moving onto the role of chief development officer of the new regional and remote business unit.

Mr Williams has significant experience in satellite products having been part of the development of the Sky Muster Plus satellite service, he said the new business products would have a wide range of applications and could suit a diverse range of industries such as agribusiness, mining, transport and government services.

"The products we have released have an enormous potential to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of many industries," he said.

"It will address what has been a capacity constraint, the lack of cost-effective communications has held back the deployment of many applications in regional and remote Australia.

"This is the first release of the business satellite service, I think it is incumbent on the NBN to work with industry to evolve.

"The sky is the limit."

Minister for Regional Services, Decentralisation and Local Government Mark Coulton said the changes delivered on key recommendations made as part of the Regional Telecommunications Review conducted last year.

"By bringing its regionally focused business areas together, NBN Co is well placed to continue prioritising service delivery and product development to meet the needs of regional consumers and businesses," he said.

While specific details of the commercial business plans were not available to ACM at the time of print, Mr Williams said the wholesale plans offered a flexible range of speeds and configuration options that would enable service providers to offer a range of products.

Mr Williams said the business plan offering would not impact on residential Sky Muster users.

"The business NBN satellite service uses its own discrete part of the network so it will not interfere," he said.

"We have capacity in the network and there is zero congestion across the satellite network."


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