Australian Post under threat: Emergency freight flights call

Australian Post under threat: Emergency freight flights call


Posties union calls for government to step in to ensure bush gets supplies


The Federal Government needs to urgently intervene to ensure Australia's vulnerable - particularly those in regional and rural communities - are not left without vital supplies during the COVID-19 crisis, the union representing postal workers says.

CEPU Communications Union National President, Shane Murphy, is calling on the Federal Government to put on emergency freight flights to ensure the country's regional and rural communities can get access to the vital goods they need in a timely manner.

The call follows revelations that massive cuts to Qantas flights is hampering Australia Post's ability to deliver goods to local communities.

The union says it's also critical the government intervenes to ensure Australia Post can continue with five-day a week deliveries.

"Australians are in the middle of a crisis. It's never been more important that people have access to an efficient postal system," Mr Murphy said.

"Our posties are delivering essential items to the most vulnerable in our community - people who can no longer just duck down to the shop to pick up the medicine or other essential items they urgently need.

"If passenger flights aren't viable, we need emergency freight flights to ensure our mail and essential packages can continue to get to those who need it most.

"Now is not the time to be cutting access to our postal service. We need to be ramping it up and its up to the Federal Government to ensure that happens. Australians need it and so do the local businesses who are currently relying on our postal service to keep themselves afloat.

"We can't have Australians, particularly our more vulnerable Australians, sitting at home hoping their essential parcel will come in time. Cutting services back is simply not an option at this time - people's lives rely on it."


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