Goldacres cruises to major upgrade of its G6 sprayer

New G6 Crop Cruiser will sparkle says Goldacres

GOING FOR GOLD: Leading spray equipment manufacturer Goldacres has updated its G6 Crop Cruiser.

GOING FOR GOLD: Leading spray equipment manufacturer Goldacres has updated its G6 Crop Cruiser.


Goldacres has unveiled a major upgrade of its G6 Crop Cruiser sprayer.


Goldacres has announced a major update of its Australian-built G6 Crop Cruiser including a new Tritech RivX boom which now has an option up to 48 metres.

Series 2 G6 will start production in September with deliveries to customers planned for November.

A Goldacres spokesman said the new boom featured greater boom stability and rigidity, largely due to the design and construction of the steel inner wings and aluminium and steel composite outer wings.

"The new RivX design incorporates outer wings constructed using a mixture of steel and aluminium sections with high strength structural rivets," he said.

"This method eliminates welding of the aluminium, vastly improving the fatigue strength of the wings.

"Tests have demonstrated that the RivX outer wings can withstand 300 per cent more flexes than the equivalent welded boom.

"Hydraulic operated outer-boom wing folding replaces the cable drum fold mechanism on the 36 and 42-metre booms.

"The mechanism includes a hydraulics breakaway feature to protect the boom in the event of a collision with an object.

All boom plumbing (delivery and boom re-circulation) is now increased to 2.54cm (one inch) and the design of inner and outer wings incorporate a single nozzle spray bar.

Nozzles mounted below the main boom structure allows for any nozzle combination to be fitted."

The AutoBoom XRT for boom height control will be available as an option on the series 2 G6.

"This system uses industry leading radar sensing technology with simultaneous ground and crop detection, this maintains an optimal spray height for maximum spray coverage and product efficacy," the spokesman said.

"The XRT is not affected by temperature, spray drift, dirt, dust or mud and features five non-contact sensors for unmatched accuracy.

"Pressure based control allows for smooth boom movement and quick reaction time with machine chassis roll control sensing built in.

"The AutoBoom XRT is ISOBUS compatible and increases boom longevity and ultimately boom control."

Inside the cab the Internal control screen is used to display all relevant machine data for the operator in an ergonomic and robust package.

"Goldacres has custom designed the user interface with input from customers to provide an intuitive and easy to use powerful display with inbuilt help and diagnostic functionality.

"There are many smart features built into the software to save the operator time and make the machine easy to operate. All components have been carefully selected and tested to ensure quality and reliability."

Goldacres says the operator workstation area and fill system has been redesigned to slash sprayer refill times (more than twice the fill rate of the previous model).

All induction systems including the hopper have increased capacities and all fill and flush functions are now controlled with electric valves with the push of a button via the G-Hub external display.

A 7.62cm (three inch) transfer pump is now fitted as standard. This pump combined with high flow plumbing provides flow rates of up to 1150 litres a minute.

Product tank filling features "clean" and "dirty" 7.62cm connection points

Clean point is for clean water suction via the on-board fill pump. Clean water can be distributed throughout the sprayer.

Dirty point is for pre-mixed water and chemical transferred directly into the main product tank from a batching plant.

In both cases the auto tank filling feature is available to use.

A larger 550 litre rinse water tank will be fitted for increased rinsing capacity.

All threaded fittings have been replaced throughout with flange style to provide simpler servicing and less leak points across the system.

The fuel tank has also been increased in size by 50pc to 450 litres.


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