Ruralco to start farming data

Ruralco invest in agtech company DataFarming


Ruralco invest in agtech company DataFarming


CONTINUING the trend of agribusiness investment in agtech, farm input supplier Ruralco has announced its investment in newcomer DataFarming. 

Established last year by Tim and Peta Neale, DataFarming is a cloud-based satellite imagery platform pitched at helping producers better understand their crop and pasture production. 

Mr Neale said clients had been extremely positive about the platform, saying it had saved time and promoted informed decision-making.

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“We’re only 12 months old but we already have over 6000 farms and 40,000 paddocks in our system, covering approximately 3.6 million hectares of processed data,” he said.

“Agronomists have commented how much time is saved on crop checking and while helping them make big decisions and farmers just love the ability to check their crop growth on a regular basis.”

Unlike other platforms, Mr Neale said he had focused on keeping costs down and providing free entry level precision agriculture. 

“We have a completely different model to other companies,” he said.

“My whole aim is to increase adoption, to get it from boutique to mainstream, to increase adoption of precision agriculture.”

Ruralco CEO Travis Dillon said the investment in technology will allow users to view state-of-art information and make better informed decisions on-farm.

“DataFarming gives agronomists and producers immediate access to satellite imagery, providing up-to-date feedback every five days,” he said.

“This means that customers can easily engage in digital technology and see the advantages of using the platform straight away.

“This technology will deliver great insights for our employees and we look forward to seeing the long-term benefits across the network.” 

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